Life’s Way Too Short

I was planning on writing this post for the end of the semester as a “wrap-up” for this year…but that changed. The past couple of days have been heart-rendering.

First there was the earthquake in Nepal.  My loving boyfriend spent a few weeks in Nepal last year on a medical missions trip…we’re personal with Nepal. So the fact that the death number keeps rising has been weighing heavily on our hearts.

As if that wasn’t enough of a shock.

Then came Baltimore.  I grew up only a half hour drive from that City.  My first baseball game was at Camden Yards. My closest friends grew up in that city.  Baltimore, while not my favorite football team, is definitely a city I enjoy visiting.  Easily some of my fondest memories are in that town.  To see the fire, the destroying of a city we loved, it’s heart breaking and it saddens me.

It saddens me because my generation’s history will consist of these destructive outbreaks.  I understand wanting a change and I agree that a change is necessary; however, it needs to be constructive. Instead we’re (as a society and generation) are burning buildings, flipping vans and destroying and attacking the people who protect us.

As if that wasn’t enough.

Someone I grew up with, had sleepovers with, played in the pools with, someone I shared lunches with, did the talent show with, played at recess and had fun with the firefighters with, died.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how the second person in my childhood class has already died.  We’re 24 now.  This isn’t supposed to happen. We’re young.

Yet this has happened. When I first found out, I was in complete shock.  She just updated her status on facebook the night before.  How can this happen in a matter of hours?

I cried. and cried.  While we lost touch over the years, I still have fond memories.  Her death reminds me of my mortality.  It reminds me that everyone struggles with something.  I pray and have been praying for the healing of her family and those closest with her.

I pray for our generation, it’s one of incredible heartbreak.  We are already on the verge of an incredible monumental movement in our society, and then the deaths of such young lives hits you right in the gut.

She was charismatic, and thoughtful.  She loved her family, and friends.  She loved life. It’s just really heart-rendering when you lose a friend.  Please just notice those around you, help those around you, bring one another up.  Don’t tear each other down.  Our generation is already an incredibly broken one, we do not need to turn against each other in our greatest time of need.  Be the friend that you need to be, even when it’s hard.  Be there for those around you, reach out to those around you.

We are a strong generation, but we are also a broken generation.

Life is short. Don’t forget that.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. It always seems that the most heartbreaking things happen all at the same time. And as distressing as this all is..this was wonderfully written.

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