Why Being Tender-Hearted Is A Good Thing

I was once told that I was sensitive.  And that offended me.  And then I realized I am sensitive.

But it was a realization that being sensitive isn’t a bad thing.  I am sensitive, and I am also tender-hearted.  Neither of which should be discouraging.  In fact, I believe that there aren’t many tender-hearted people in this world and that the world needs more.

Being tender-hearted allows me to feel more compassionate towards others, it allows me to forgive and forget more easily, it prevents me from truly holding onto grudges.  And finally, being tender-hearted makes me vulnerable.  Most people would find that to be scary or to be uncomfortable.  But truthfully, as I dive deeper into this self-discovery journey, I find being vulnerable exciting.  It’s exciting like an adrenaline rush.  Of course, it’s still uncomfortable..that’s human nature, but it’s also incredibly natural to be afraid of being vulnerable.  You expose yourself, and no one likes to let their guard down.  Who would? It opens you up to being hurt, to being judged, to being discouraged.  But I want to encourage you to break out of that comfort zone and to break down bits of the wall you’ve built up around you.

Something I’ve learned from being tender-hearted and being sensitive, is that the world is already too cruel and that I don’t want to be another blunt, rude person.  I believe that there is a way to be blunt and truthful without damaging another person’s emotions.  Some people don’t know how to softly speak the truth, others just bulldoze right through the truth and others are too timid to speak their minds.  Being vulnerable and tender-hearted does not mean doormat.  It means that you recognize the human emotions and instead of pushing them away, you feel them and that’s a good thing.

With what keeps happening in this world with ISIS and the many, many tragic deaths, it has truly made me realize how valuable I find my personal tender heart.  It also makes me recognize that this world needs more love, and what other way to do that than to be vulnerable to express to someone that you love them.  To tell others that they are special, valued and cared for.  Far too often people are too concerned with how being vulnerable makes THEM feel and instead forgets that if, even for a minute, they forget about their own insecurities and express to someone else how you feel, encourage someone else, love on someone else.  Let yourself be tender-hearted and the world might benefit greatly from it.

Tender Heart

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