New Bern, Endless Love


I first visited New Bern, NC last March with my dear friend, Maria.  We took the trip during our Spring Break.  Perfection is an understatement.  Visiting a new town for me, especially one with as much charm as New Bern, is one of my favorite activities.  We spent the day wandering in and out of shops, exploring downtown and enjoying the Neuse River.

Panama Jack

New Bern is such a historic town in Eastern North Carolina.  Even just more recently, I was lucky enough to visit a couple who turned a church into their home, primarily to preserve the history of the church.

church      Church Kitchen

This town has a ton of adorable shops, Inns, and restaurants to visit! Even their signs are absolutely precious!

Meadow's Inn    Lao

Hanna House     Surf Wind and Fire

But of course, who could go to a new town and not get hungry? New Bern has plenty of options, but one of the best spots to eat for lunch is MJ’s.  It’s only a few blocks from the waterfront, and it is delicious.  They have an assortment of seafood, burgers, and sandwiches.  They have outdoor seating which makes it even better, especially on a beautiful, sunny day.


Maria 4
Maria, a good friend, happily enjoying her meal at MJ’s

New Bern is such an active town, nearly everywhere we went the town was alive with people, music, animals, and water.  But my favorite, was the amount of dogs we encountered that day.

I mean, look at that happy face. Even he loves New Bern.

Shop owners had their dogs in their shops, people had dogs walking around, and others were just hanging out with their dogs.  It was so lovely to see so many people enjoying the day with their pups.

Not only is New Bern an active town, but it’s also on the water.  Which is probably my biggest reason for my love of it.  I honestly believe that if you have an opportunity to visit this quaint town, do it.  You won’t regret it.  The architecture, the people, the livelihood, and the historic parts of New Bern make it all the worthwhile.


Fire Hydrant    Fountain

One of my favorite ideas is that you truly don’t have to travel too far to get a change of scenery.  No matter where you live, or are traveling, you can take a day and pick a spot on the map and take the drive.  Getting to know the world is such an important part of my life, and every opportunity to see a new place I’ll take and I hope you do too.  Don’t be afraid to explore somewhere new solo or with a close friend.  Just take the dive and get out there!

Cindy 4

I truly love this town, and I really hope to live here at some point in my life.  Thank you New Bern for being such a lovely town to visit.

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