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Over the summer my best friend, Meghan, and I had an overwhelming urge to just get out of town and see a new horizon.  We both love the coast, so we decided to head out to Delaware.


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Wilmington, Delaware is only a short 2 hour drive from our hometown, but we decided to make the day of it.  We woke up early and headed out for this daytrip adventure. While we weren’t exactly anticipating a downpour, the weather was a little more overcast than we wanted..regardless, we are adventurers and a little damp clouds won’t ruin our trip!

Historical Society

Wilmington was the first Sweden settlement in North America and was founded in the early seventeenth century.  And by the mid 19th century, it was producing more iron ships than the rest of the country combined.  What a cool, historic town.

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Meghan Street

Spots like this are my favorite places to discover.  Wilmington might not necessarily be a gorgeous view, but the historical aspects of it make it that much more interesting of a town to see.

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The town’s historic district isn’t the only interesting part of Wilmington.  It sits right on the Christina River, which branches directly from the Delaware River.  Having the river run right through the city is such a pleasant surprise.  Especially because it brought the river walk into existence in this town.

River Walk

Cindy and Meghan 7

With the river walk available for anyone to enjoy during a lunch break, or a nice post-office stroll, it also brings in adorable attractions..such as Wilmington’s very own Pirate Ship..the best part? you can take a trip on the ship! And the bridges in Wilmington are drawbridges!


Cindy 2

Pirate Ship

It’s not every day that I get to see a pirate ship and enjoy a nice stroll for some delicious food with a water view and my best friend. For lunch, Meghan and I went to this amazing restaurant, Firestone.  Firestone has an outdoor patio to be able to enjoy for drinks, live music and a great view of the river! If you get a chance to visit Wilmington, I highly suggest Firestone..make sure to sit outside to get the full experience!


What better way to end a great day than an enjoyable cup of coffee?

Starbucks                                Laughing Meghan

All in all, Meghan and I had an amazing day getting to know a new city, and while it certainly wasn’t what we expected, we did learn a lot about the city and what it has to offer!

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