States; 50 of them, 1 of me.

I was starting to compile a lists of states I’ve visited only to realize that, while I’ve physically have been in some of these states, I don’t exactly have distinct memories in each state.  So, one of my goals in the next 5-10 years, is to visit each state and to make a distinct memory..whether that be a really crazy experience, a great visit with friends, or just taking in the scenery.

Sunset Hot Tub

I’ve primarily only been places along the East Coast with exception of California, Texas and a few mid-western states such as Ohio and Illinois.  But could I tell you what I did in Ohio? Probably not.

This goal of mine is something that I eventually want to take globally.  For example, I’ve only been to five countries, but by the end of summer it’ll be 6.  I do; however, have distinct, individual memories in each country I’ve traversed to so far.  Whether it’s been a night out on the town at disco bar in France, or taking in the incredible mountain views from a glacier or visiting palaces in Austria.  But my big time goal is to see as many countries as possible and to have memories and make new friends globally.

Summer 2016 will be a big memory making summer for me this year.  For starters, I’ll finally have a degree (only took 7 years…HA..wish I were kidding…I swear I’m not crying about my student debt…), I’ll be visiting a girlfriend out west, and my best friend, Meghan, and I will be headed down to Costa Rica to experience La Pura Vida!

Costa Rica Map

And while that’s just the summer, I’m hoping to make more of these goals a reality… Some of the steps I’m taking to make it happen, is to truly reflect on the people in my life.  I have a great girlfriend who moved to Colorado with her husband, and we’ve been trying to make a visit happen for almost 2 years…so we will make that trip a reality this summer. My friend Karla and I will fly out to see her for a few days and we’re so stoked to get the chance to be there!

Colorado Map

And while I’m out in that part of the country, I’m considering extending the trip to be an extra week or so and see maybe Nevada or Utah.  Why not? I’ve already flown out there and between the options of hostels or Couchsurfing, the trip could be affordable..even for a recent graduate.

Another option I’m considering, is taking a trip to Tennessee, where another great girlfriend moved, and South Carolina.  I’m hoping to take those trips before I graduate primarily because I’m already in North Carolina and those states are only a few hour drive or train ride away. Nashville and Charleston are two of the cities that I must see before my time as a “Southerner” comes to a close for the next couple of years.

But this small list is only my plans for the next 6 months; let alone what might happen or where I might go over the next 5 years.  Paris? Tuscany? Santorini? Koh Tao?  My goals are vast; but with dedication, perseverance, and patience for great timing…they will happen.

Where are some of your favorite states to visit? I’m dying to know what this country is like from coast to coast! And let me know if you want a blonde, pinterest-obsessed, photo-taking, interior designer as a couch surfer in your town!

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  1. What a cool idea! As someone who is pretty much seen everything of Europe (here are all the cities I visited so far:, I really like the idea of exploring all states of the US. For me, it’s actually a long way to go as my count is somewhere between 8 and 12 at the moment, but you always need challenges as a travel blogger! 😀

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