Wanderlust in Europe Circa 2007

Have you ever had an intense desire to travel somewhere?

Well that’s been me for the past couple of weeks…it’s a desire to learn more about various cultures (maybe that’s where my desire to learn French came from..huh!).  I’ve been itching to travel across the world! I want to go to another timezone! I want to go to a continent I’ve never been! I want to see the world in a different point of view.

I want to see the sun set on a coast instead of the sun rising on the waters.

Thankfully, in 2007 I was blessed with an opportunity to travel across Europe for two weeks! We went with a musical group for high school students called American Music Abroad.  AKA AMA for short.  We were a traveling band, choir and orchestra.  But that trip allowed me to view three different countries!

My favorite part of the trip was when we stayed in this town in Germany called Dinkelsbühl, and let me tell you it’s where I bought my first birkenstocks and my first down comforter.  This town is absolutely to die for! Just take a peek:

This town is so quaint! If y’all ever get a chance to visit Germany, please try to visit this town! It has cobblestone all over, and the architecture is incredible! The entire town is just like a fairy tale!

But for the many places I’ve visited, I’d love to go to Australia or New Zealand! Somewhere out there to travel and see the world!

Do y’all ever get that travel itch? Tell me about it!!



3 thoughts on “Wanderlust in Europe Circa 2007

  1. I’ve never been to Italy! But it would be absolutely incredible! Or Greece!! Hopefully we can make those desires to happen! Let’s travel as much as we can! “Life’s not meant to be lived in one place”

  2. I guess wanderlust is one of the strongest feelings I have inside of me! But I guess seeing another country is way easier when you’re based in Europe, another continent is more a challenge. But I dream of going to Australia or New Zealand one day, as this might be the point which is probably the one which is far away most 🙂

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