The Bucket List of Destinations

Where in the world would you like to travel to? I truly want to know, not only so I can add to my own list, but to also learn more about y’all.

I made a Travel Bucket List for 2016, but I think I need to create a list for life. Gosh, there are so many incredible places in the world I’ve yet to see.  Just a few on my list so far are: Greece (any of the islands too, but mostly Santorini and Mykonos), Fiji, Maldives, Canada (I’ve been there more than once..but never long enough or old enough to make a memory), The whole United States (Hitting every state) On a side note..did y’all know that Alaska is like half the size of the rest of the United States? It’s HUGE!, back to France, Germany, and Austria.

I also want to go to Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica (Crossing this one off in 5 months!), Thailand.

Just as I sit here and type this up I keep thinking of more places.  But truly, what’s your number 1 place to go in your life? Why is that place it? passport

Bon Voyage Friends!

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