Boat Rides on the Pamlico River

This weekend my friend Sandy and I went out to the water again! We were offered a ride from Captain Bob on Miss Bea.   We were reading the history of Washington, N.C. when a gentleman in a golf cart asked us if we wanted a boat ride! Immediately we said yes! We met Captain Bob and he went over the safety instructions as well as what to do should something happen.  The boat, Miss Bea, is fully equipped with Coast Guard safety features, but thankfully we didn’t need to implement any of those!


But what a treat it was to spend part of our afternoon on the water! We had our own personal tour guide, Captain Bob, who knew all kinds of history of Washington, N.C. It was incredible! He even showed us two houses that had canon balls stuck in the sides from the War Between the States.


Sailing Charters

Old Warehouse


Captain Bob even let us drive the boat! Of course only after we were in open water and away from anything we could hit…

Sandy Driving

Cindy Driving


The waves were choppy due to other boats and the wind! You could feel a storm was coming in! But the river we were on is the Pamlico River, which is the same river that we have here in Greenville, The Tar River.  Washington is home to the second largest Estuarium.  Pretty cool.




All in all, this boat ride was one for the memories.  If you ever have an opportunity to go to “Little Washington” in North Carolina, be sure to check out Captain Bob and Miss Bea.  Definitely worth the ride!!




I hope you get a chance to visit and experience the town’s motto “Pride in the past, Faith in the future.”

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