Little Washington; A Town Full of History

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It was a beautiful, sunny day outside again finally after a fitful week of rain that I decided to take a trip to another waterfront town..this time it was a little closer and little bit last minute.  But those last minute trips seem to be the best adventures! I was at dinner the night before with my friend, Sandy when I told her that on Sunday I was going to Little Washington for the day.  I asked if she wanted to join me and she reluctantly said yes!

So after church and some outdoor fun of Adopt A Highway, we packed up and headed towards the waterfront.  Washington, North Carolina’s nickname “Little Washington” came from its history.  It’s believed that it was the first city in the United States to be named after our President George Washington, even before Washington D.C.  However; no one really knows if it’s true.  They just know that it came to be in 1776, the same year as D.C.  Since Washington D.C. had become a more important city for the country, Washington, North Carolina adopted the name “Little Washington”.

We arrived shortly and started to read the town’s history.

History of Washington

Just as quickly as we started reading, we were interrupted by a nice, older gentleman asking if we wanted to go for a boat ride! Without hesitation, we said yes! We found Miss Bea and Captain Bob and we were off to See the Sea!


Once we were finished with our voyage to the sea, we arrived back to the port, thanked Captain Bob for an unforgettable adventure, and went on our way.  We walked around town a little bit before we decided we were hungry! But before we could eat, we had to stop for a impromptu photoshoot on the gazebo!

sandy 7


Cindy 1

Many more of these available..just wanted to share with you my favorites.

After a slight detour, we continued on our mission to find the homes with the cannonballs stuck in their sides. What a unique part of history; having a home that was not only struck by cannonballs, but to also have the homes still in tact years later for us to gawk at. Awesome.


Cannon in the home

Cannon home two

This town is so unique.  Just between the history of it and it’s location..such a sweet spot to explore for the day. Now..onto our final mission of the day….some food!

We were walking along the main street when we found On the Waterfront.  Their sign about Mimosas and Bloody Marys is what caught our attention.  I mean, who would enjoy a nice bloody mary on the water?

On the waterfront

Sandys Bloody mary



Their food and drinks are delicious, and make sure to check them out, but nothing beats the view of the Pamlico Sound when enjoying a great meal with a great friend.

My best advice to offer if you have a moment to get to Little Washington is to expect the unexpected.  When we set out that day we did not expect to go on a boat ride, see a model posing on a boat, check out a lighthouse, or run into a man with an obsession for Great Danes.  But that’s one of my favorite joys of traveling, is not to have out of this world hopes, but to enjoy the moment and see whatever you see.

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