What’s that? Old and Abandoned?

As a design student, sometimes we get assigned incredibly odd projects.  This semester is no different.  We were assigned to design an adaptive reuse for old, historic buildings all over Greenville, NC.


One of the buildings we visited was an old warehouse in the (you guessed it) warehouse district! It is a really, really cool opened space building.  There’s also a lot of abandoned furniture and decorative pieces left in this place too.

This place looked like it would either be on Salvage Dawgs (Black Dog Salvage) or American Horror Story…just see for yourself…

This building was so cool, and it provided such an incredible opportunity for a little photography session that I wanted to share some of the images with y’all!

Wooden Pieces



Some of the older pieces of furniture were incredible, and they were items I would want in my home! I even called dibs on the jewelry display case (left image).


Display Case Chair

This old building was just one of 4 different ones my class toured…I wish this was my specific building to design for a reuse! It is full of inspiration..from the old loft, to the attic ladder and to the brick worn on the walls.  This old produce warehouse is so enticing as a designer!

It’s pretty cool to see where you draw inspiration..who knew that an old warehouse building would be where mine came from!

A Darling Valentine Adventure

I’ve been very blessed in my life to experience vastly different kinds of love already at the ripe young age of 25.  I’ve been in love, I’ve experienced unconditional love more times than I could count, I’ve felt deeply appreciated.  I’ve had Agape Love, Storge Love, Philia Love, and Philautia Love.  All of these are different types of love, for the universe, for humanity, for self love, for team love, for family love.  And of course, my favorite, Eros Love.  Romantic Love.

Engagement 5
Moment Captured by : www.littlebrightthings.com
Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love, not just for couples, but for people in general.  I know I never say “I love you” enough to the people who mean most to me.  I don’t express my gratitude or appreciation for them nearly as often as I need to.

This weekend though, my fiance surprised me.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 2 and half years with my favorite person alive.  We haven’t been able to celebrate Valentine’s Day together in person for 3 years..this year being no different.  But this year, he did a phenomenal job of surprising me…he got me one of my favorite foods, Macarons!

6 Macarons

These delicious little almond baked treats are so rare for me to find.  That’s when I found out that Bisous Ciao in New York delivers! Even all the way to Greenville, North Carolina.  My other love, Meghan from my post about Wilmington, DE, shares an equal love of all delicious little treats such as macarons.  So, last year, I ordered her a box of these as an appreciation of how much I love her and miss her.  That’s when I discovered this amazingly deliciousness that New York brings.

Bisous Ciao Full.jpg

I was so excited and surprised that a bakery in New York actually delivers all the way down here in the South.  Ah..how I love the treasures of the Western Culture.  


But the thoughtful, kind, sweet, and generous surprise of my future Hubby isn’t the only love I get to experience.  This weekend, I get to see my parents, and a few of my Aunts and Uncles! It’s the moments like these that I am even more grateful for the abundant blessings in my life.  It’s the small things, like seeing my family and enjoying a Macaron from my hubby that bring me joy.

Don’t forget to celebrate the simple things, the day to day moments that bring you Joy…such as getting that green light, or enjoying a sip of your Venti Latte, or feeling the sun on your face.  Let your heart feel the joy the small things bring you.  Because that’s what Valentine’s Day is truly about.  Celebrating love in all aspects of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Loves! From my family, to yours!
This post is not sponsored by Bisous Ciao. They are just that delicious. 

From when we celebrated being newly engaged!

A Darling Adventure-A year ago

This post was started a year ago, and I’m just now getting to the point of finishing it..so enjoy..with all of it’s history.

Since my comeback of a new name has now “aired”…I figured I’d let y’all see what adventure has been on my mind lately.  Spring break was this past week, and I chose to stay in my small town.  It was worth it, absolutely, but thankfully for a day, I was able to get away.  My friend, Maria (Little Bright Things) and I took a day trip to New Bern, NC.  Easily my new favorite getaway.

The sun was out, the sky was blue and all in all it was a day of perfection.  We spent the day wandering around the town, visiting the shops downtown, spending some time on the waterfront dipping our toes in of course, and enjoyed some of the food in a couple of different cafes.

cindy and maria 3

I must say, that trip was well worth it.  We spent very little money and had an entire day of fun filled adventure.  For me, it was peaceful to not have to be somewhere.  It was nice to get away and to find somewhere new to explore and to not have to worry about any responsibilities for the day.

Maria 5

Fearless Freaks


We met all kinds of dogs, and people, including a musician playing on the corner! The entire day was just a peaceful blur, one I’m hoping to repeat in the not too distance future.

Kona Ice

Cindy 4

Adventure is something that I learned in 2015, to be unbelievably important to me. I believe it to be a tool for growth, knowledge, and wisdom.  Going out and doing something new, being someplace new, and experiencing a new memory are all things that I believe grow an individual.  That is the biggest reason I chose to rename/rebrand my blog to A Darling Adventure.  This trip was one of the first memorable trips I took in 2015 and it was what essentially brought about the inspiration for the change.  My apologies friends for taking me so long to address the new name.  But I hope you love it as much as I do and I hope that it inspires you to be an adventurer!

Wilmington, DE

Over the summer my best friend, Meghan, and I had an overwhelming urge to just get out of town and see a new horizon.  We both love the coast, so we decided to head out to Delaware.


Meghan Cindy

Wilmington, Delaware is only a short 2 hour drive from our hometown, but we decided to make the day of it.  We woke up early and headed out for this daytrip adventure. While we weren’t exactly anticipating a downpour, the weather was a little more overcast than we wanted..regardless, we are adventurers and a little damp clouds won’t ruin our trip!

Historical Society

Wilmington was the first Sweden settlement in North America and was founded in the early seventeenth century.  And by the mid 19th century, it was producing more iron ships than the rest of the country combined.  What a cool, historic town.

Cindy 1

Meghan Street

Spots like this are my favorite places to discover.  Wilmington might not necessarily be a gorgeous view, but the historical aspects of it make it that much more interesting of a town to see.

Meghan 3 Meghan 7


The town’s historic district isn’t the only interesting part of Wilmington.  It sits right on the Christina River, which branches directly from the Delaware River.  Having the river run right through the city is such a pleasant surprise.  Especially because it brought the river walk into existence in this town.

River Walk

Cindy and Meghan 7

With the river walk available for anyone to enjoy during a lunch break, or a nice post-office stroll, it also brings in adorable attractions..such as Wilmington’s very own Pirate Ship..the best part? you can take a trip on the ship! And the bridges in Wilmington are drawbridges!


Cindy 2

Pirate Ship

It’s not every day that I get to see a pirate ship and enjoy a nice stroll for some delicious food with a water view and my best friend. For lunch, Meghan and I went to this amazing restaurant, Firestone.  Firestone has an outdoor patio to be able to enjoy for drinks, live music and a great view of the river! If you get a chance to visit Wilmington, I highly suggest Firestone..make sure to sit outside to get the full experience!


What better way to end a great day than an enjoyable cup of coffee?

Starbucks                                Laughing Meghan

All in all, Meghan and I had an amazing day getting to know a new city, and while it certainly wasn’t what we expected, we did learn a lot about the city and what it has to offer!

Thank You Sign

States; 50 of them, 1 of me.

I was starting to compile a lists of states I’ve visited only to realize that, while I’ve physically have been in some of these states, I don’t exactly have distinct memories in each state.  So, one of my goals in the next 5-10 years, is to visit each state and to make a distinct memory..whether that be a really crazy experience, a great visit with friends, or just taking in the scenery.

Sunset Hot Tub

I’ve primarily only been places along the East Coast with exception of California, Texas and a few mid-western states such as Ohio and Illinois.  But could I tell you what I did in Ohio? Probably not.

This goal of mine is something that I eventually want to take globally.  For example, I’ve only been to five countries, but by the end of summer it’ll be 6.  I do; however, have distinct, individual memories in each country I’ve traversed to so far.  Whether it’s been a night out on the town at disco bar in France, or taking in the incredible mountain views from a glacier or visiting palaces in Austria.  But my big time goal is to see as many countries as possible and to have memories and make new friends globally.

Summer 2016 will be a big memory making summer for me this year.  For starters, I’ll finally have a degree (only took 7 years…HA..wish I were kidding…I swear I’m not crying about my student debt…), I’ll be visiting a girlfriend out west, and my best friend, Meghan, and I will be headed down to Costa Rica to experience La Pura Vida!

Costa Rica Map

And while that’s just the summer, I’m hoping to make more of these goals a reality… Some of the steps I’m taking to make it happen, is to truly reflect on the people in my life.  I have a great girlfriend who moved to Colorado with her husband, and we’ve been trying to make a visit happen for almost 2 years…so we will make that trip a reality this summer. My friend Karla and I will fly out to see her for a few days and we’re so stoked to get the chance to be there!

Colorado Map

And while I’m out in that part of the country, I’m considering extending the trip to be an extra week or so and see maybe Nevada or Utah.  Why not? I’ve already flown out there and between the options of hostels or Couchsurfing, the trip could be affordable..even for a recent graduate.

Another option I’m considering, is taking a trip to Tennessee, where another great girlfriend moved, and South Carolina.  I’m hoping to take those trips before I graduate primarily because I’m already in North Carolina and those states are only a few hour drive or train ride away. Nashville and Charleston are two of the cities that I must see before my time as a “Southerner” comes to a close for the next couple of years.

But this small list is only my plans for the next 6 months; let alone what might happen or where I might go over the next 5 years.  Paris? Tuscany? Santorini? Koh Tao?  My goals are vast; but with dedication, perseverance, and patience for great timing…they will happen.

Where are some of your favorite states to visit? I’m dying to know what this country is like from coast to coast! And let me know if you want a blonde, pinterest-obsessed, photo-taking, interior designer as a couch surfer in your town!