Little Washington; A Town Full of History

Giant Crab

It was a beautiful, sunny day outside again finally after a fitful week of rain that I decided to take a trip to another waterfront town..this time it was a little closer and little bit last minute.  But those last minute trips seem to be the best adventures! I was at dinner the night before with my friend, Sandy when I told her that on Sunday I was going to Little Washington for the day.  I asked if she wanted to join me and she reluctantly said yes!

So after church and some outdoor fun of Adopt A Highway, we packed up and headed towards the waterfront.  Washington, North Carolina’s nickname “Little Washington” came from its history.  It’s believed that it was the first city in the United States to be named after our President George Washington, even before Washington D.C.  However; no one really knows if it’s true.  They just know that it came to be in 1776, the same year as D.C.  Since Washington D.C. had become a more important city for the country, Washington, North Carolina adopted the name “Little Washington”.

We arrived shortly and started to read the town’s history.

History of Washington

Just as quickly as we started reading, we were interrupted by a nice, older gentleman asking if we wanted to go for a boat ride! Without hesitation, we said yes! We found Miss Bea and Captain Bob and we were off to See the Sea!


Once we were finished with our voyage to the sea, we arrived back to the port, thanked Captain Bob for an unforgettable adventure, and went on our way.  We walked around town a little bit before we decided we were hungry! But before we could eat, we had to stop for a impromptu photoshoot on the gazebo!

sandy 7


Cindy 1

Many more of these available..just wanted to share with you my favorites.

After a slight detour, we continued on our mission to find the homes with the cannonballs stuck in their sides. What a unique part of history; having a home that was not only struck by cannonballs, but to also have the homes still in tact years later for us to gawk at. Awesome.


Cannon in the home

Cannon home two

This town is so unique.  Just between the history of it and it’s location..such a sweet spot to explore for the day. Now..onto our final mission of the day….some food!

We were walking along the main street when we found On the Waterfront.  Their sign about Mimosas and Bloody Marys is what caught our attention.  I mean, who would enjoy a nice bloody mary on the water?

On the waterfront

Sandys Bloody mary



Their food and drinks are delicious, and make sure to check them out, but nothing beats the view of the Pamlico Sound when enjoying a great meal with a great friend.

My best advice to offer if you have a moment to get to Little Washington is to expect the unexpected.  When we set out that day we did not expect to go on a boat ride, see a model posing on a boat, check out a lighthouse, or run into a man with an obsession for Great Danes.  But that’s one of my favorite joys of traveling, is not to have out of this world hopes, but to enjoy the moment and see whatever you see.

Boat Rides on the Pamlico River

This weekend my friend Sandy and I went out to the water again! We were offered a ride from Captain Bob on Miss Bea.   We were reading the history of Washington, N.C. when a gentleman in a golf cart asked us if we wanted a boat ride! Immediately we said yes! We met Captain Bob and he went over the safety instructions as well as what to do should something happen.  The boat, Miss Bea, is fully equipped with Coast Guard safety features, but thankfully we didn’t need to implement any of those!


But what a treat it was to spend part of our afternoon on the water! We had our own personal tour guide, Captain Bob, who knew all kinds of history of Washington, N.C. It was incredible! He even showed us two houses that had canon balls stuck in the sides from the War Between the States.


Sailing Charters

Old Warehouse


Captain Bob even let us drive the boat! Of course only after we were in open water and away from anything we could hit…

Sandy Driving

Cindy Driving


The waves were choppy due to other boats and the wind! You could feel a storm was coming in! But the river we were on is the Pamlico River, which is the same river that we have here in Greenville, The Tar River.  Washington is home to the second largest Estuarium.  Pretty cool.




All in all, this boat ride was one for the memories.  If you ever have an opportunity to go to “Little Washington” in North Carolina, be sure to check out Captain Bob and Miss Bea.  Definitely worth the ride!!




I hope you get a chance to visit and experience the town’s motto “Pride in the past, Faith in the future.”

The Bucket List of Destinations

Where in the world would you like to travel to? I truly want to know, not only so I can add to my own list, but to also learn more about y’all.

I made a Travel Bucket List for 2016, but I think I need to create a list for life. Gosh, there are so many incredible places in the world I’ve yet to see.  Just a few on my list so far are: Greece (any of the islands too, but mostly Santorini and Mykonos), Fiji, Maldives, Canada (I’ve been there more than once..but never long enough or old enough to make a memory), The whole United States (Hitting every state) On a side note..did y’all know that Alaska is like half the size of the rest of the United States? It’s HUGE!, back to France, Germany, and Austria.

I also want to go to Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica (Crossing this one off in 5 months!), Thailand.

Just as I sit here and type this up I keep thinking of more places.  But truly, what’s your number 1 place to go in your life? Why is that place it? passport

Bon Voyage Friends!

The Single Biggest Tune Obsession

Do you ever have that moment when you’re listening to a song with the windows down, your hair blowing in the wind, sunshades on, and you think all is right in the world! That’s me when I listen to this’s not necessarily about traveling, but it certainly inspires me and reminds me of my favorite traveling moments!


Jukebox the Ghost-The Great Unknown

So let go, of the world you know…there’s something waiting for you.  The Great Unknown.

The video itself is inspiring! But if you haven’t heard of this incredible band, check them out. Not only are their songs fantastic via YouTube/CD/iTunes..but they are absolutely incredible live.  If they’re coming to a town near you, CHECK THEM OUT, I promise you won’t regret it.  My biggest memory with this song was actually driving up through Virginia (4 hours I might add) to go see them in Charlottesville.  Such an incredible memory! They were so good that I’m trying to find a way to get to Baltimore late March to see them perform again! Even the piano is incredible…Ben plays perfectly. Tommy and Jesse are absolutely extraordinary as well.. Just over 3 minutes of pure escape…Close your eyes, listen to the music, and imagine yourself on a great roadtrip!

I hope y’all can see why I am absolutely obsessed with the song and could easily put it on repeat…it’s inspiring. Not just for travel, but for that thing you want to do but are too afraid to, that girl you want to say hi to, that team you want to try out for…this song just brings hope and inspiration to go for the things you’re too shy or nervous to do. And let me just add..that when you see them live perform this song, be prepared to feel endless amounts of goosebumps..

Make sure to hang back after the show to meet them!


What To Do When You’re Full of Wanderlust

So I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to decide what I wanted to write about next…well…between deciding and scrolling on Pinterest’s travel tab..and that’s when it hit me.

I have a severe case of Wanderlust.

I truly don’t know how to cure it at the moment…But that won’t stop me from trying!



Wanderlust New Bern

1.Pick Something

One thing I try do to cure my wanderlust is to book a flight, or pick a date for my next trip.

Boarding Pass

It makes it easier on my mind, knowing that in a few days or weeks that I’ll be onto some place new! But then, immediately after picking said location I tend to find everything and anything I can about what to do, what to pack, where to get, etc. in the location.  Might be a little obsessive…but it’s about experiencing life.

For example…I spent approximately 4 hours just looking and comparing flights from Costa Rica, New Orleans, Baltimore, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, and Bermuda. Did I book a single one? No. At least not yet..but knowing that I am capable of affording those flights during dates that I am thinking about is helpful for wading off my wanderlust.


2. Pinterest

When I don’t have time to spend hours and hours obsessing over which flight lands where, I go to Pinterest. It’s been a saving grace for a while for my own sanity.    I wish I were kidding..

With the ease of internet, you can almost simulate traveling to all of these incredibly beautiful places on our Earth.  Pinterest is just one hub for me to do that…through living vicariously through others…take me with you…take me to the Maldives Islands…

It’s incredibly soothing to see places as beautiful as the New York Skyline or the rain forests of Costa Rica..but if you’re not careful…I must give you this warning: Being on the Pinterest travel tab will make your travel destination bucket list significantly longer..

big goals

3. Take a Day Trip

Y’all should know that I am a huge Day Trip fan! I think they’re a short term way to cure the wanderlust blues.  My favorite thing to do is to ask friends and family where they suggest day trips around town, sometimes it really turns out perfectly. Other times, it might be a small bust.  Other ways to find out where to go for a day trip..decide how far you want to drive, and draw a circle around your town and pick a place within the circle.

You also need to decide what kind of day trip you want!  Some of my favorites include wandering around in a new town, finding a new place to hike, taking a day to head out to the water, or finding yourself in the literal middle of nowhere.

Just take a day, get out of your comfort zone and find something new. My next day trip? Washington, N.C.  I’ve heard it’s beautiful..and it’s only 20 minutes from Greenville…so maybe it’s time for me to take a little wanderlust vacation day…right?

February Goals

At least I know that I’ll be able to cross that off my February travel goals! But I want to know where your all-time favorite destinations are as well as what do you do to cure your Wanderlust?